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German drum manufacturer goes for epic promotion!

The Sonor company was founded in 1875 and, right from the beginning, they started to produce high quality snare drums. After over a hundred years, this brand is well-known internationally for making some of the world’s greatest drum kits and snares. They also have some of the finest drummers on their roster. This year, the company has decided to present some of their best drum kits as well as brand new products to international audiences. Let’s get familiar with Sonor SQ 2 and SQ 1.

Sonor Vintage Benny Greb

The demonstration of the drums was done by two absolutely exquisite drummers: Benny Greb and Chris Coleman. They present the rich tone spectrum of both kits, but there’s more to it than that. They also talk about their impressions, emotions and overall musical journey as professional artists. Let’s see Benny in action, and listen to his inspirational and brave talk:

This genius artist and educator, who is going to open this year edition od Meinl Drum Festival wants to have things put straight. He talked about his way of listnening, feeling and translating sounds through his head to limb movements. You can also hear the deep sound of the Sonor SQ 2 kit. With an almost unlimited variety of shell / size / finish combinations, the SQ 2 seems to be the most individual drum the comapny have ever made in their history and perhaps the most unique one you have ever dreamed of playing. who knows? Maybe those drums are your signature sound?

Sonor SQ1 presented by Chris Coleman

There is also something new coming. During this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Sonor will reveal their SQ 1 series. We don’t know much about this drum kit yet, but we are really excited to hear it or give these beauties a try. If you are not the patient one, there is always the amazing Chris Coleman, who will take you for the test drive in the video below. Chris is going to perform during Musikmesse, so don’t miss the opportunity to see him! He has worked with such big names in the music industry as Chaka KhanBootsy Collins, Pati Labelle and Christina Aguilera, so he’s a man that you want to see perform! In the video, he talks about his approach to musical expression and coming up with new ideas:

We must admit that both videos are simply great, both from the information as well as artistic point of view. Drummers and Drummerettes! Visit Musikmesse (April 5-8) or Meinl Drum Festival (July 1) and listen to these great drummers play these kits. It’s a must for every fan and drum lover! Benny and Chris will be there to perform, talk and present these drums to you. We just can’t wait!