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Young Polish Drummer Joins The Noble Group Of Sabian Endorsers!

Oskar Podolski is one of the Poland’s most gifted rock drummer of the young generation. He is currently working with polish pop-rock star Ewelina Lisowska. Besides that he is also involved in many more projects. One of them is called “Bucket Guys”, where the power duo- Oskar and Alek Podolski are playing buckets on the streets of European cities. Today Oskar has informed us via his social media that he has joined Sabian family, and now he is a proud endorser of these cymbals.

Oskar Podolski Sabian

On the short video we can see Oskar unpacking his brand new beauties and then playing the 16″ AA Apollo hi-hat and 20″ XSR Fast Crash. We sense a pure joy there!

HELLO WORLD!Jest mi niezmiernie miło ogłosić, że dołączyłem do endorserów talerzy marki SABIAN! Mega podjarka, duma i radość jak u dziecka ! Wielkie podziękowania dla Ryszard Romuald Balcer, Christian Koch, Sabian Polska na video gram na: Sabian AA Apollo 16" hihatSabian XSR Fast Crash 20"#musicinfo #sabian #sabiancymbals English:Hello!I'm super excited about that I joined to SABIAN family! I'm really proud and happy as a kid! Big thanks for Ryszard Romuald Balcer, Christian Koch and Sabian Polskaon the video I use:Sabian AA Apollo 16" hihatSabian XSR Fast Crash 20"#musicinfo #sabian #sabiancymbals

Opublikowany przez Oskar Podolski na 3 października 2017

We want to congratulate Oskar and wish him nothing but success on the road. Let his new cymbals express the passion for rock and roll!