> > New Meinl Byzance Big Apple Dark Rides

Due to the fact that the 22″ Big Apple Dark Ride has met with a warm reception since its release, as have similar cymbals from the Byzance Jazz series, MEINL introduce two new Big Apple models. Now they also come in 20″ and 24″ sizes.

Although the name suggests a rather jazzy application of Big Apple cymbals, the manufacturer describes them as very universal instruments with a broad spectrum of sonic qualities. Like most Meinl cymbals, these also have a unique character, which results from a specially designed small bell, moderate loudness and shortened sustain.

B20BADARAt the final stage of the lengthy production process, these cymbals are not thoroughly cleaned, which gives them a unique look and influences their sound characteristics. As the producers put it: “The end result is a truly warm and mellow sound obtained also by hand hammering.”

In addition, the manufacturer describes the 20″ and 24″ Meinl Big Apple Dark Rides as ideal for small clubs, where a small and confined space requires reduced loudness combined with a warm and consistent sound.


We haven’t had a chance to play these symbals but, knowing their 22-inch brother as well as the company, we have absolutely no reason to doubt their description. Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is yet another object of your desire from the MEINL catalogue…

New cymbals in the Meinl catalogue:
20“ Big Apple Dark Ride (B20BADAR)
24“ Big Apple Dark Ride (B24BADAR)