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X Drummer: the first AI-based drum app

Yet another app for building drum tracks in the virtual domain has hit the market very recently. The X Drummer (that’s what it is called) is dedicated for the iPad and has been created by Positive Grid. “What makes yet another drum app so different from all the others already available in the market?” – you may ask. We asked ourselves the exact same question. However, it seems we may just be dealing with a product that is a breakthrough idea, if not a revolutionary one.

According to the producer, the app will ‘listen’ to a given song or riff and suggest rhythms, grooves and sounds to match the music. This will happen with the help of artificial intelligence. The company promise us doing away with the usual hassle of building a drum part: “Easily create full drum track with several finger taps and a magic AI technology to sort out matched pattern in minute. You can go into further pattern customization and change the pattern, BPM, music genre, and much more.

X Drummer iPad app

The app contains an extensive library of grooves (suggested by the machine), which can be easily browsed through, listened to, arranged or edited. The user can also customize the drum kit he or she is using by changing the heads, damping rings, pitch, attack, resonance, etc.

Another important feature of the X Drummer app is  the fact that the entire library of drum kits, sounds, patterns and grooves will be available on the cloud. This includes both sounds created by pro drummers as well as X Drummer users. The latter means the library will be open and constantly updated. This function is coming later this year.

iPad drum app - X Drummer

In addition to customizing the sound, it is also possible to change our kit’s hardware and finish.

X Drummer app

The application is available on the Apple App Store and is priced at £19.99 and $19.90.

We haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet but we must admit that it seems rather promissing, especially from the point of view of those writers who are not drummers and do not wish to spend hours on end creating a realistic drum track from scratch. Hopefully, drummers will find the patience to do so. At least, they should…