> > > New cymbals from Zildjian for 2019

As every single Drummer and Drummerette out there knows, manufacturers of drum kits, snare drums, cymbals, drum heads, stands, pedals as well as all manner of drum gear and accessories are trying to out do their competitors in inventing newer and newer technological solutions, which usually get introduced in the market at the start of each year. Obviously, this season is no different.

One of leading global cymbal manufacturers – the Zildjian company – have just (before this year’s NAMM Show) announced their new products for 2019. Let us see what the American power brokers have expanded their product range with.

photo: zildjian.com

We will start with effect cymbals. Zildjian are reintroducing the FX series, as part of which they are introducing stack cymbals. With FX Stacks, the company attempt to follow the trend where drummers are seeking new ways of artistic expression by using unique, very characteristic and quick accent cymbals. The FX Stack cymbal pairs will be available in 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ sizes. The top is always holey.

The Oriental Crash Of Doom will be another member of the Zildjian FX family. This cymbal is very well known from the past, when it was available as a 20-inch. Now, it is offered in 22″. It is explosive, dark, low-pitched and mighty.

The legendary Zildjian K series is enriched with two new cymbals this year.

The K Cluster Crash is a traditionally hammered crash with additional “cluster” hammer marks, which are supposed to add a slightly more “dirty” quality to the dark and trashy sound. The look corresponds to the K Sweet series, which was launched last year. This means the bell is unlathed.

to tradycyjnie młotkowany crash z dodatkiem kilku zbitek śladów po mocniejszym kuciu, co ma za zadanie ciemnemu i piaszczystemu brzmieniu dodać nieco brudu. Wygląd tych talerzy nawiązuje do odpalonych w zeszłym roku blach K Sweet, a więc kopułka również i tu nie jest toczona. These crashes will be available in 16″, 18″ and 20″ sizes.

Since we have already mentioned the Zildjian K Sweet series, it should be mentioned that the hi hat collection (available in 15″ and 16″) now have a smaller, 14-inch brother (sister?).