> > New cymbal practice mutes by Cymbomute

Practising with muted cymbals can be fun!

Cymbomute went live in Spring 2013. Three years on, Cymbomute, the class leader in consumable cymbal practice mutes, is still a fast growing global brand. Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to retain the use of their REAL cymbals when volume is a constraint. Simply stretch the mute around the cymbal – each mute has a ready-to-go centre fold to keep it seated on the rim. Practice is ‘Back to Bronze’! No more ‘pad aim’, no more ‘rubbery rebound’ – just play!



For Spring 2016 Cymbomute has released 4 new 2-Packs:

  •   The 8/9 & 10/11 Pack is perfect for your Splash cymbals.
  •   The 12/13 & 14/15 Pack for your HiHats, larger Splashes or small Crashes.
  •   The 16/17 & 18/19 Pack will mute your Crashes.
  •   The 20/21 & 14/15 Pack is features a WIDE RIDE mute and the most common HiHat size – the ultimate practice solution for your HiHat and Ride.

The price for each set is between 19.99- 31.99 Euro, and the rest mute pads in sizes from 6 ” to 24″ can be found at Cymbomute.com. Feel free to check it out!