> > > New brass Yamaha Recording Custom snare drums

It is common knowledge that Yamaha is a company with an outstanding history in the world of musical instruments. Without fear of exaggeration, it can be said that their drums (the Recording Custom in particular) have helped define the sound of modern popular music.

As most drum maniacs know, the company, in cooperation with the great Steve Gadd, has revamped the legendary drum series. It is also worth mentioning that Yamaha Recording Custom snare drums have been updated with the master drummer as well.

Brass Yamaha Recording Custom snares

The newest addition to the Recording Custom metal snare lineup are three brass snare drums: 14″x6.5″ (RRS1465), 14″x5.5″ (RRS1455) and 13″x6.5″ (RRS1365). The instruments feature 1.2 mm shells, Q Type strainers on the release side, and the standard wires have 25 strands (RRS1465) or 20 (the remaining two versions). The RRS1455 is also available with 14 strands as used by Steve Gadd himself, i. e. with four strands in the middle removed. Another new feature in the center bead on the shelf. It is now an outward one, which is supposed to produce a more open and crisp sound. The one-piece lugs have been designed especially with these snare drums in mind.

Here are the specs:

  • Producer: Yamaha
  • Model: Recording Custom
  • Shell: 1.2 mm brass, 45° bearing edge
  • Strainer: DC3 (butt side) / Q (release side)
  • Wire strands: 25 (14″x6.5″), 20 (14″x5.5″, 13″x6.5″) and 14 (14″x5.5″, SG10 Steve Gadd signature – SG10)
  • Snare bed size: 2.4 mm
  • Lugs: Newly designed, one-piece
  • Center bead: Outward
  • Hoops: 2.3 mm Dyna Hoop
  • Heads: Remo Ambassador

Here is Steve Gadd talking about his work on Yamaha Recording Custom drum kits and snares: