> > > New Artists In Paiste Family

Paiste is one of the worlds’ greatest and best known cymbal making company. Their fine instruments are used worldwiede by the extraordinary drummers. Now they have more members in their family. One of them is Florian Alexandru – Zorn, who has set new brush playing standards through his publications „The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes“„The Brush Secret“ and „The Brush Revolution“ as well as with its didactics which led him on clinical tours throughout Europe, China and the USA. Florian has been invited to numerous renowned professional events like PASIC or the Montreal Drumfestival as a clinician. Alexandru-Zorn is also founder of the online music school onlinelessons. tv and lecturer at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. To enhance his personal sound, he chose Paiste Masters, complemented by models from the Signature Traditionals and PSTX series. Congratulations!

Other artists who has lately joined Paiste family are:

Vladimir Ruzicic # Aleksandra Prijovic (Serbia)

Matt de Vallejo # Mónica Naranjo (Spain)                                                                                                      

Christopher Smith # The Internet (USA)

Jesse Boyle # Chase Atlantic (USA)

Sean Friday # Dead Sara (USA)

Jordan Harvey # Mason Grace (USA)

Michael Kelton # Zane Williams (USA)

Congratulations for the fine choice. Let these cymbals be heard all around the wolrd!