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The ‘Play With Loops’ App from Emmanuelle Caplette!

The very tallented and lovely Canadian female drummer Emmanuelle Caplette has used her incredible skills to develop an interesting music application for iOS, called Play With Loops. All these loops will help a drummer in everyday practice and they were played by the Artist herself! Every single performance by Emmanuelle is higest quality drumming, as is the app itself. The creators of the application wanted their tracks to be simply the best. If you will install this app on your device, you can be sure that you will get 80 high quality drum loops, which are placed in many different musical styles. You will be able to practice pop, rock, jazz and even twisted and complicated latino rhythms! This app is not only a metronome with a few loops. It’s the highest quality metronome with a soul and you will have the opportunity to work with it!

emmanuelle play with loops

The loops are categorized into three styles: Rock, Latin and Jazz. You can use a filter panel to select one or more particular styles and/or time signatures. Each loop is played by default in the original recorded tempo, but can also easily be slowed down and sped up. On the one hand, practicing scales to Play With Loops will become more interesting, but more importantly, the various rhythms available will allow you to practice certain grooves with the perfect musical partner and make you improve as a player. Play With Loops is easy to use from the get go and will quickly become your perfect practicing partner! Here is a video invitation from Emmanuelle herself!

Source of information: https://playwithloops.com/