> > Mike Portnoy works on a new project

Legendary drummer is currently recording material for his new supergroup!

Prog-sphere music portal is posting, that ex-Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy is currenly working on some new music. He is in the studio located in Los Angeles, and as we can read on his official facebok, he won’t tell us nothing more. Of course more information will be added later, but it’s pretty interesting, because as we all know Mike has many side projects. This time his new band is going to play a good old progressive metal. We can speculate about the line-up, but this drummer is in the top league, so he probably picked some great and very skilled musicians. On the photos below you can see his current gear, it looks metal!

Portnoy recently performed with his live project Shattered Fortress at the Cruise to the Edge festival. The set included Dream Theater‘s “12 Step Suite,” which he co-wrote during his tenure with the band. Do you have your guesses on his new bandmembers? Feel free to speak your mind in the comments!

Source of information: http://www.prog-sphere.com/