> > > Mike Portnoy to play with Rush?

In an interview for Blabbermouth, Mike Portnoy has recently addressed rumour, according to which he was going to replace the longstanding and legendary Rush drummer, Neil Peart:

Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy

I don’t think they ever will [play together as Rush without one of them]. I honestly don’t think they will. I think Rush will only ever be the three of them. I get asked this a lot, and I, of course, would work with any of them in any capacity should they ever want to. And yeah, it would be an amazing thing. I’ve never collaborated with any of them.

Neil [Peart] and I have become very good friends through the years; that’s a relationship that I’m so grateful for. And I’ve also gotten to know Alex [Lifeson] really well. So, yeah, god, I mean, yeah, that would be amazing.

I’ve collaborated with so many people, but I hadn’t with any of those guys, so that would be amazing. But I wouldn’t hold my breath – honestly, I really wouldn’t. But they know where to find me.

In an interview for The Chainsaw Symphony Mike Portnoy has commented on Neil Peart retiring from Rush due to health issues:

It’s sad to see it end, but you’ve gotta respect that, because if they can’t deliver, and if they are in physical pain and they can’t deliver what fans wanna see, I respect that they would go out on top.