> > Mike Portnoy rocks the Pokemon drum kit

After the Hello Kitty set, it’s time for some Pokemon drumming!

Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, Twisted Sister, Winery Dogs and many more) strikes again behind the undersized kit. You may remember Portnoy’s outrage during his Hello Kitty drum session from last year. We didn’t read the percussionist’s rider, which clearly stated Mike only played Pokemon kits. After some jamming, and bragging about his new “baby”, artist started to continue a series called ‘Name That Tune.’ Now that he could work with a double kick, Portnoy played some of rock and metal’s most iconic drum parts featuring rapid-fire kick drums. Like a true Pokemaster, Portnoy absolutely blazed through Judas Priest or King Diamond‘s classiscs. Here is the video:

Did you like this outstanding perfomance?

Source of information: http://loudwire.com/