> > Michał Łysejko joined Meinl Family

Polish death metal drumming extaordinaire is now the endorser of Meinl Cymbals!

Michał Łysejko is quite young, but very talented drummer. He is a member of Polish death metal band- Decapitated, and he keeps this ultra heavy machine going for three years straight! He tours the whole world, and shows people how death metal drumming should be done His technique, speed and accuracy is quite flawless, and it should be rewarded at some point. Meinl company also came to that conclusion, and they included him into their artists family!

Meinl Cymbals wita perkusistę zespołu Decapitated_Michała Łysejko1

Currently Michał is on tour with his band, and they are conuering Nothern Europe during “Crushing The North Tour”. Brand new Decapitatd record will come out July 7, and it will be entitled “Anticult”. Michał picked up the Byzance Heavy Hammered series, which gives him accurate and dynamic projection of sound, which can easily cut through the wall of guitar sound. Check out the band’s facebook profile, and we highly recommend to go and see this band live- it’s one hell of the show!