> > > Metallica: snare drum sound on “St. Anger” vs. trash can

Metallica released their highly anticipated album called “St. Anger” back in 2003. It was a big event after all the thing band went through. People were waiting for it more than for Christmas! When it came out many hardcore fans were simply dissapointed. They hated the “new” sound of the whole CD, they hated lack of guitar solos and what’s essential: they hated the sound of snare drum. People compared it with a can, a metal bucket or a trash can. We can agree that this particular snare is quite special. But it’s history now and we can enjoy new Metallica material. But there is a YouTube drummer called Cameron Fleury who wanted to ensure these pissed off fans that they are right. He decided to record a cover of song “Frantic” using actual trash can instead of snare drum. The effect is quite amazing, check it out!

What do you think about it? We think that’s very impressive and creative. We hope that Lars Ulrich won’t be mad about it and there will be no suing!