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Periphery drummer and Meinl Cymbals came up with a great idea!

Matt Halpern, drummer mostly known from his Djent-prog-metal band Periphery is famous for his ultimate groove and creativity in playing. He is also a long time Meinl cymbals endorser. During his adventure with this company he has played various models from typical series. He has also combined many cymbals into stacks, which created his notable sound in Periphery. Now Matt and Meinl are proud to present effect of their long time collaboration. It’s the Matt Halpern Double Down Stack, made of 18″ Byzance China and 17″ Byzance crash cymbals.

Matt Halpern Periphery

Matt ensures everyone, that having these beauties will be a great experience and self-developement. You can create more open, aggresive stack, wich will be ideal for heavy, downtuned music. You have to put the china with bell facing the ground on the bottom, and then put crash (also with bell facing ground) on it. You will get something powerful, yet very listenable, which will break through the wall of guitars with ease. Another option is the “silent” one. Just flip both cymbals contrary to the previous version, with both bells upwards. This stack is quite jazzy, and you can control its sound by adjusting or loosening the grip on your stand. Now let the co-creator speak for himself. Tak a look at the short video!

What do you thik about this great product from Matt Halpern and Meinl Cymbals? Feel free to comment!