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Mark Richardson & Skunk Anansie – “Intellectualise My Blackness” live for BeatIt

One of iconic rock outfits of the 90s, which Skunk Anansie undoubtedly are, at least in Europe, came to Poland in late February this year to play four club gigs. On Feb 20, they performed at the Teatr Łaźnia Nowa in Krakow, on the 21st, they were at the Stodoła club in Warsaw, on the 22nd, they continued at B90 in Gdańsk and followed it all up with a gig at Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań. The beatit.tv team attended the latter show to film the band’s drummer, Mark Richardson, on the job.

Skunk Anansie Drummer Live

You can read our review of this excellent show, which was sold out and enthusiastically received by the audience, in the first of our drum cam posts featuring Mark. In the second, you could find out his opinion about the gear he used for this performance. Right now, we recomend you get aquainted with what he has to say about Skunk Anansie’s plans for the forthcoming year.

After this tour finishes, we go home and start doing some songwriting and we’re gonna release something towards the end of the year. We’re gonna take the summer off because we did the last two festival seasons. We need to step back for a season and then, in 2018, we’ll be back out on the festivals. Hopefully, we’ll be promoting something new. The future is very much a case of new music, new album… We can’t be that band that just keeps going out on tour based on past glories. We can’t do that because we’d get bored, nevermind the audience. So we want to keep writing new stuff for us as much as everyone else.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you drummer Mark Richardson and his band Skunk Anansie in a live rendition of the song “Intellectualise My Blackness“, taken from the group’s 1995 “Paranoid & Sunburnt” debut album. Here is the third vid from a series of live drum cam clips shot exclusively for beatit.tv!