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Mark Richardson & Skunk Anansie – “My Ugly Boy” live for BeatIt

One of iconic rock outfits of the 90s, which Skunk Anansie undoubtedly are, at least in Europe, came to Poland in late February this year to play four club gigs. On Feb 20, they performed at the Teatr Łaźnia Nowa in Krakow, on the 21st, they were at the Stodoła club in Warsaw, on the 22nd, they continued at B90 in Gdańsk and followed it all up with a gig at Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań. The beatit.tv team attended the latter show to film the band’s drummer, Mark Richardson, on the job.

Skunk Anansie Drummer Live

The band were in excellent shape. The performances from each individual member as well as the contact with the audience, which tightly filled up the venue, were beyond exciting. Naturally, frontwoman Skin took the lead as far as the latter aspect of the show was concerned. She delivered her lines flawlessly while constantly focusing the fans’ attention. She took the first stage dive as aerly as during the second song into the set and it wasn’t her last that night. Skin found great support for her efforts in Ace’s superb guitar work and a great rhythm section comprised of the very funky Cass on the bass and the solid Mark Richardson on the drums, who was always making sure he was playing for the song. Mark used a Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga kit sized 12”, 13”, 16”, 18” and Zildjian cymbals (three 20” K crashes, a 20” FX crash, a 24” K ride, 15″ K Light hats and a 10″ A Custom splash).

The audience received the entire set with an equal amount of enthusiasm, whether the band served songs from the latest album titled Anarchytecture (Death To The Lovers, Love Someone Else), killers from the 90s (Charlie Big Potato, Intellectualise My Blackness, Hedonism, I Can Dream, Little Baby Swastikkka, Twisted (Everyday Hurts) or some tunes released after the group’s comeback in 2009. The song My Ugly Boy falls into the latter category as it was the first single off the “Wonderlustre” album released in 2010.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you drummer Mark Richardson and his band Skunk Anansie in the first vid from a series of live drum cam clips shot exclusively for beatit.tv!