> > > M. Bobkowski & Turbo LIVE, Pt. 4

Mariusz Bobkowski & Turbo – “Żołnierz fortuny”, Live for BeatIt

In the village of Włoszakowice, Poland, is a hotel and restaurant called Toscania. No, this is not an ad and there is no product placement here. The owner of the establishment is a big music fan and systematically invites the biggest names on the Polish scene to perform in the hotel’s beautiful ballroom. Some time ago, we went there to witness a concert of the band Turbo, which is one of the classic Polish metal acts, deservedly hailed as the fathers of Polish heavy metal (along with the likes of TSA and Kat). The man behind the drums is Mariusz ‘Bobek’ Bobkowski.

Bobek Turbo

Here is the final fragment of that show, i.e. the song ‘Żołnierz fortuny’ (‘Soldier of Fortune’), taken from the band’s legendary 1986 album titled ‘Kawaleria Szatana’ (‘Satan’s Cavalry’).

We give you Mariusz ‘Bobek’ Bobkowski and TURBO in an exclusive live performance for BeatIt…