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Drummers are musicians who always have a lot of gear with them. This gear can come in different sizes: big as 24″ bass drum or small like a tiny screw. Both are very important and if one of them gets lost or damaged, the show can be over. That’s why we want to remind you about a few very important tools that you should always have in your stick bag or case. This article was inspired by wise words from DRUM! magazine. Check them out!

  1. Drum Key (more than one)

Drum keys ar the “key element” of tuning your kit and mounting some parts of it. If you have only one key, you are screwed. These thing are very easy to loose. Like a guitar pick. Just add few more into your bag.

2. Gaffer Tape

It’s one of the elements that hold the world together. You can laugh about it, but gaffer tape can connect almost everything. Drumwise- it can really help you in the situation when something in your drum kit is moving and it obviously shouldn’t. Just have one with you.

3. Hex Key Tool Set

Some parts of the kit, especially hardware cannot be moved with simple drum key. That’s why you will need the hex key. It’s good to have a full set of these.

4. Snare Straps

If you are a hard hitter you can easily break one of your snare straps. These also breaks due to poor way of transporting your drum. It’s good to have few as a backup. It will prevent your snare from sounding like a timbale should your snare strap break in the middle of a gig.

5. Extra Hi-hat Clutch

These things are low cost and sometimes when you don’t screw them to the rod they will fall off. Losing one can hurt because hi-hat simply doesn’t work wothout it. But having one as a backup can bring relax to your mind.

6. Screwdriver

It’s a situation similar to hex keys. Some parts can be fixed only using screwdriver. It’s better than using knife or any object that is near you. Screwdriver is usually small and can fit in the pocket of your stick bag.

7. Cymbal Topper Parts

Felts, wing nuts, and rubber sleeves are very easy to lose when moving gear. You can go on with them, but there is a risk of damaging your cymbal, risk of falling hardware and risk of shame on stage. Protect yourself from it and be sure to have few extra pieces of these.

8. Extra Tension Rods

Tension rods can fall of due to heavy hitting, especially a snare drum. If you change your drum head you also can loose one or two. Having a set of tension rods can prevent you from playing on terrible sounding kit!

9. Drum Key Screws

These are smaller than tension rods and you can find them in your kick pedal. Drum Key Screws are very important when you have a double pedal, especially in the spots connecting the rod to the main pedal. Small screws are even more likely to dissapear, so don’t forget to have some extra with you.

10. Flashlight

When you must repair or change something in your drum kit and you are currently on stage, there is probably not enough light. Take a small lighter with you everywhere you go. It will fix the problem!

We hope that our advices will help you in different situations.Let’s also hope there will be no chance of using some of this gear, but no one knows…

DRUM! Magazine