> > Lars Ulrich was about to be fired from Metallica

Bandmates planned to fire Ulrich from Metallica

In the fall of 2014, Scott Ian‘s book I’m the Man was released and fans immediately latched on to one of the juiciest bits where the Anthrax guitarist recalled a time where he was told by members of Metallica that the band had plans to fire drummer Lars Ulrich back in 1986. Last year, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted that the idea of firing Ulrich had been discussed at some point. Ian stated in his book that he had heard that the band was planning to fire Ulrich following the Master of Puppets tour, but that the death of bassist Cliff Burton likely dissuaded them from doing so.



Ulrich recently spoke about the situation. He said, “It’s certainly not something that I was ever aware of, but I can tell you that there’s been other times as we’ve cruised along where there’s been some friction with this band member or that band member, and where things were a little awkward with this particular guy, or whatever.

Was the decision of the band good or bad? Because some people can’t imagine Metallica without Lars!

Source of information: Loudwire.com