> > > KTÄK- New Two-Tone Wearable Snare

Sometimes having a moment of free time can give an awesome results. I was scrolling down the Instagram posts and suddenly I saw something very interesting. It was an advertisement of some sort of instrument, percussive instrument to be more precise. When I clicked on the link I have discovered a small British manufacture called Kandu. They are musician carpenters, and they make cajons, guitars etc. Their newest project is simply great, and it has strange and funny name “KTÄK“.

ktak wearable snare

As you can see in the picture it looks really interesting. It’s small-sized, low weight product with a strap to adjust it to your body. It’s made of birch ply, so it must be quite durable. These features can be valuable for future customers. KTÄK has two playable surfaces. One has got snares, and it sounds like a good quality cajon. Other side sounds like a good ethnic instrument such as djembe or congas. Kandu assures that KTÄK is perfect for kids who like to begin their musical path. They will simply love it. It’s safe for them, because the surface is water – based and lacquered. Every single instrument is individually tested. People from Kandu test it to make sure that it sounds good and it’s made without any splinters.

ktak features

We highly recommend supporting Kandu and their project via Kickstarter. They are doing a great job, and we appreciate every new idea. Especially when it comes to drums and drumming. Making a wearable two-tone snare drum is definately one of them. Link to their Kickstarter website is placed below. You can also watch the video showing this cool invention in action.

KTÄK Kickstarter