> > > Krzysztof Dziedzic Joins Zildjian Family

Polish jazz drummer and educator has become a Zildjian Family member!

Krzysztof Dziedzic is well known in Poland for his work with famous jazz artists, perfect playing and great solo record. He is not always playing jazz, and he surely knows how to hit pretty hard! International audience can recognize him for his work with the violin virtuoso- Nigel Kennedy. He also has worked with polish guitarist Jarosław Śmietana and many, many more great artists. Krzysztof is also the founder of Polish Drummers, facebook community which allows drummers to interact and exchange their experiences or any other important things. His latest idea is called Polish Drummers Institute, and it’s a great place for every skinsman to learn, practice and grow as a musician. The next step in his career is for sure joining the noble Zildjian artists family. Krzystof did it recently and he will be using such beauties as the brand new K Special Dry cymbals.

Krzysztof Dziedzic Zildjian

We would like to congratulate Krzysztof and wish him nothing but success on his musical and educational way!