> > Krimh will hit the studio with Scepticflesh

The new album will be available later this year

After a split with former drummer-Fotis Bernardo, Greeks from Scepticflesh decided to invite Kerim “Krimh Lechner to pick up the sticks. He used to play with polish beasts from Decapitated, and used to fill-in for drummers of such acts as Behemoth or Vesania. Kerim got used to Scepticflesh original style of playing during many concert he did with them.


Currently the band is preparing to enter the studio. First time with Kromh on a board. The whole thing will take place at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Jens Borgen will produce the album- he is well known for his work with Amon AmarthOpeth and many more. Musicians claim, that their new work will be ready later this year. On their last CD they used an orchestra and choir. What will happen this time?

Source of information: metalinjection.net