> > > Korn Filed a Lawsuit Against Former Drummer.

Korn filed a lawsuit against former drummer – David Silveria. After the drummer’s departure in 2006, an agreement was signed between Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, Brian Welch, Reginald Arviz and David Silveria, in which they determined that Silveria would receive a certain amount of money in exchange for a lack of claims for future Korn royalties. Silveria reportedly violated the terms of the agreement with Korn after demanding from streaming companies royalties.

Korn claim to have lost out  $290,000 in payments since SoundExchange froze their account.

photo: Jimmy Fontaine

Currently, the band’s drummer is Ray Luzier. In the meantime Korn cooperated with:  Mike Bordin, Michael Jochum, Kalen Chase,Terry Bozzio, Brooks Wackerman, Joey Jordison and Morgan Rose.