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Logan “Robot” Gladden shocked guys from the legendary band

On January 29 in Durant, Oklahoma, during a KISS “Meet’n’Greet” event, a young boy named Logan Gladden made his dream come true- he wanted to play live with his lifetime idols…


All the musicians agreed to do it, and seconds after that Eric Singer was replaced by this brave youngster. He told the band, that he would love to play a song called  “Nothin’ to loose” (from the “KISS” album), and he said it like he meant it, without fear. KISS agreed also for this term, and… They began to play! Logan kept the tempo and all the accents on the right spot, and what’s even more interesting- he sang the song, just like Peter Criss many years ago! Paul and Gene were shocked, you can tell it from their amazed faces. Young drummer flied through the whole song without any mistake, and was given a warm round of loud applause! Gene was so proud of Logan, that he even gave him some money, for the development of his future carees, we can only guess.

Logan “Robot” Gladden is well known young musician in the US. Two years ago he became a spokemodel for Pearl’s myfirstdrumset.com action, he also plays Pearl drums. He is endorsed by Zildjian and Vater. Logan is the drummer for his own band, The Robotix. Beatit team supports him, and wish young lad all the best on his musical way!

Here you can see this sepctacular performance: