> > > Kenny Aronoff on meeting Dave Grohl for the first time

People are people. You can’t deny that. You can be nice, rude or neutral when it comes to meeting someone new in your life. But sometimes you are just tired and hungover, like a world famous drummer Kenny Aronoff, who was going to meet already famous Dave Grohl for the first time. Kenny is preparing his book, in which he includes many stories from his career. This one is quite funny. Check it out!

“They left out me meeting Dave Grohl. He comes up to me, I’m hungover, I just played with the Buddy Rich Big Band in New York. Me and Matt Sorum were out all night just partying it up, I’m hungover and checking out, skinny Dave Grohl comes up to me.

He goes, ‘Hey Kenny, it’s Dave! What are you doing?’ I said, ‘Oh, hi Dave, I’m flying home. I’m a little hungover.’ He says, ‘You’ve got to stay in town. I got this showcase tonight, you’ve got to come!’ He’s jumping around like a jackrabbit. He says, ‘I’ve got a new band man.’

I go, ‘Cool, what’s the name?’ He says, ‘It’s Foo Fighters man!’ I’m like, ‘God, that’s a weird name, see ya!’ That didn’t make the book, they said, ‘You’re just name dropping man.’”

We know that Dave and Kenny have shared the stage back in 2014 during Grammy Awards. We can ensure you that there was no bad blood between them. Check the video below.

So if you want to meet somebody, just do it. Maybe not like Kenny, but as you can see it paid off quite well!