> > > Kazimierz Jonkisz Interview, Pt. 4

On June 17, 2016, we met with the legendary Polish jazz drumming veteran Kazimierz Jonkisz and had this nice chat with the man before his gig with Krzysztof Popek Fresh Air Project at the Blue Note in Poznań, Poland. As Mr. Jonkisz turned out to be one of BeatIt’s most talkative guests ever, you are in for lots of tasty stories and anecdotes from over 50 years of Polish jazz history. After all, we are dealing with an outstanding musician who has an exceptionally rich C.V.

kazimierz jonkisz 4

In the fourth part of the inteview, our guest reminisces about his acquaintance with the legendary Polish drum maker Mr. Zygmunt Szpaderski and his instruments, making a switch to a pro kit from Italy and the shock it caused at the Jazz Jamboree Festival.

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is the fourth episode of our encounter with Kazimierz Jonkisz!