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Gain some wisdom from one of the best drummers in Poland!

November 26 will be a special day for all the drummers, who are wisdom-thirsty! On this day in Drumsetpro School in Chorzów, Poland, you will have an opportunity to take some individual lessons with one of the most appreciated polish drummer- Cezary Konrad. He is a well known jazz musician, who has worked with big names of international music (Randy BreckerPat Metheny) as well as polish superstars and respected artists (Edyta Bartosiewicz, Anna Maria Jopek or Włodek Pawlik).

cezary konrad perkusja

The cost of the lesson is PLN 100 per hour. You can call (+48 515 295 767) or send an e-mail to info@drumsetpro.pl if you want to learn more. Don’t hesitate, it will be totally worth it!