> > > If Lars played in Megadeth: Symphony Of Larstruction

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Lars Ulrich was the drummer in Megadeth? To be honest, we never gave it any thought whatsoever until we came across a YouTube channel belonging to a guy named Josh Steffen.

There, this apt heavy metal drummer has posted a whole lot of videos depicting his drum performances based on the ‘what would band X sound like if drummer Y were behind the drums?’ approach. What we get is Megadeth or Survivor’s mega hit Eye Of The Tiger played in the style of Metallica drummer, the Ramones with Dave Lombardo, Iron Maiden with Mike Portnoy on the drums, but also some more wacky combinations such as Huey Lewis & The News or Duran Duran with drum parts in the style of Lars.

If you still haven’t come across this thing in the depths of the Internet, you can get the taste of it while you enjoy your Sunday’s rest. Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you “Symphony Of Larstruction“…