> > How to get on stage with Alice in Chains?

Say you’re a drummer dying to be able to get on stage with your fav band and do your fav song with them. How do you go about it? Turns out it’s not that difficult. Obviously, the band members must be cool to begin with, but these guys certainly are. So what’s the story here?

On Sept 20, 2016, Alice in Chains were playing a gig in North Charleston, USA. Kurt Friedenberger came to the show with a T-shirt saying Let me play drums on “Would?” and did everything he could to get noticed by the band throughout the entire concert. When it came time to do the song during the encore, drummer Sean Kinney came out from behind his kit, stepped up to the microphone and invited Kurt on stage making room for him behind the drums.


The band did invite fans up on stage to play in the past but, as guitarist Jerry Cantrell says: “No one ever made it all the way through. They’d always get nervous and flame out.

Yet another proof that you should pursue your dreams whenever and however you can. See for yourselves…