> > Hardware repair shop at Ford Drums

Ford Drums is a company run by two gentlemen: Jimmy Ford (former Lionel Hampton drummer) and Jay Gaylen (marketing wiz, who used to work for such brands as Gretsch, Gibraltar and Toca). Their products are of the highest quality and proof of top drum-building craftsmanship.


The company’s full offer is undoubtedly worthy of all Drummers’ and Drummerettes’ attention and we will shortly present it in more detail. Today, however, we would like to draw our viewers’ attention to the fact that Ford Drums also run a hardware repair shop. How many times have you had to struggle with a stripped thread, loose bearing or some other irritating problem of this sort? Very recently, the manufacturer from Santa Ana CA has made an FB post announcing that their workshop has been receiving more and more foot pedal refurbishment and adjustment commissions (see the post HERE).

Who would you trust with your foot pedals?