> > Ginger Baker stops burglarls from robbing him

The legendary drummer knows how to handle the bad guys!

Kent, England – Ginger Baker the legendary drummer of  Cream arrived home to surprise two burglars ransacking his home in Kent England.  Baker age 76, long known for his vicious temper and surly attitude, attacked the two men. Baker smashed a vase over Nigel Fawlty’s head while pummeling Basil Thatcher in the groin with a claw hammer. He proceeded to beat both men bloody for the next 20 minutes. One man managed to call police with his cell phone when Baker took a break from the beatings to have a smoke.


When Police arrived the men were found sobbing in the bathroom begging police to take them away from this madman! Baker who has been in ill health lately with COPD and a Heart Condition said “If this would have been 10 years ago, I would have killed both of them and eaten their hearts”.