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Get inspired: Dixon PDP48 Practice Pad

As part of our Get inspired series of videos, we present very short clips showing practical applications of new, not-so-obvious or slightly overlooked effects, hardware or accessories from various manufacturers.

We want to stress the fact that the clips will focus on presenting the application of a given instrument or piece of hardware in a quick and to-the-point way, i.e. stripped of the usual production (sevral cameras, studio post-production etc.). The objective is to show BeatIt viewers the idea behind the product at hand.


All Drummers and Drummerettes are familiar with the idea behind practice pads and there is no need to expand on that here. The market is flooded with pads of all sorts, which is good. However, we believe it is our duty to draw our viewers’ attention to products which perhaps drum store customers are aware of to a slightly lesser extent compared to those offered by their biggest competitors, and which are just as good.

Today, it is time for the Dixon PDP48 practice pad. Its diameter is 6″, it is made of rubber and allows for quiet practice with a reasnably realistic feel. The pad is mountable on a regular cymbal stand.