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“The Atomic Clock” tells his story about getting inspired by Rush

Music made by Rush is simply great. It’s only a trio, byt they are producing some great sounds, which will be interesting for fans of different genres. Everyone can find something suitable for their eardrums. So did legendary metal drummer Gene Hoglan. His drum parts in bands such as Death, Fear Factory or Testament are real ear candy, there’s no doubt about it.

Gene Hoglan Death

Gene was heavily influenced by Rush and their music. In recent radio interview he said a few kind words about this situation:

“I got into RUSH before there was a whole lot of radio play on ’em, and I realized that their ‘Moving Pictures’ record seemed to really catapult them into a lot of radio play.  But I was into ‘2112’ and ‘Farewell To Kings’ and ‘Hemispheres’ and all that. A lot of those songs weren’t designed for the radio; therefore, there was no radio play on it. And when you design something that’s not gonna be played on the radio, I think that gives you a real carte blanche to just let your freak flag fly — let there be no rules. Neil Peart came up with so many great drum parts that were so memorable yet they were understandable from a drum standpoint. You’d have guys like Terry Bozzio and his drum parts were amazing too and they were so amazing that it would just get you kind of depressed. It was, like, ‘Ah, I could never figure that out.’ But Neil Peart was a guy that, it’s, like, this is pushing the realms, this isn’t just plain old rock drumming, but it’s understandable. I could grasp every single thing that Neil Peart was doing. Remember, [I was] like eight, nine, ten, eleven when [I was] super getting into RUSH. And their lyrics really appealed to me — it’s, like, ‘Wow, they aren’t just singing about partying or getting chicks on the weekend. There’s something of merit, there’s some heady stuff happening with their lyrics.’ So I guess that was just… My big influence was just their whole approach. And then, shortly after being a RUSH fan, that’s when I started getting really into all the super-duper heavy metal stuff like that. So it was just a natural progression for me.”

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Here is also an Interview with Gene, which took place a few years ago. You can watch it below:

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