> > > FD-9 and KT-9 controllers from Roland

Practising at night? There’s no problem!

Sometimes the only time when you can practise is the night. You can’t do it on the typical, acoustic kit. Electronic kits are quite ok, but even with headphones on, you still generate some annoying sounds. What can you do? Roland arrives with some help! We want to introduce the FD-9 hi-hat controller and KT-9 beaterless kick pedal, which are the smoothest pedals ever produced by this company.



Roland’s new FD-9 hi-hat controller pedal is the smart way to drive down decibels. Designed for ultra-quiet home practice, the unit’s patent-pending link mechanism means dramatic noise reduction (50% less in your practice space and 15% less to rooms below, compared with a standard FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller) when the pedal is depressed. Expressive players will also appreciate this compact pedal’s authentic hi-hat feel, with smooth transitions between open/closed/half-open positions. For drummers who really need to keep it down, the FD-9 works even better alongside the low-noise mesh heads featured on Roland V-Drums, plus our NE-10 Noise Eater Isolation Boards and NE-1 Isolation Feet. You can also rely on KT-9 pedal.

Designed for ultra-quiet home practice, the KT-9 features a beaterless design and a patent-pending link mechanism, also resulting in a dramatic reduction in noise when played (85% less in your practice space and 63% less to rooms below, compared to the Roland KD-9 beater-equipped kick pedal) , without compromising the pedal’s feel or the playability. With the KT-9 under your foot, you can go as hard as you like, as late as you want… FD-9 i KT-9 are compatible with Roland’s full range of electronic percussion gear, from the OCTAPAD SPD-30 to the HandSonic HPD-20.  During Musik Messe in Frankfurt Roland put out much more than that: tuners, guitar and vocal effects, cases or loopers. We kindly invite all the drummers, and non-drummers to visit their website and check some awesome stuff from Roland and BOSS!