> > > Famous Rapper will play Tommy Lee in movie about Motley Crue

Shooting of “The Dirt” – autobiographical movie about world’s most notorious rock band, Motley Crue. Screenplay will be based on the same titled book. People are getting curious of who will play the legenary musicians. Variety has informed that the rebellious drummer of the band, Tommy Lee will be portrayed by also rebellious rapper, Machine Gun Kelly!

Kelly has confirmed it on Twitter, where he told followers that he “kept it in the family” by convincing producers to hire his younger brother to teach him how to play the drums, a skill he’s vowed to acquire before filming starts. We hope that the movie will finally come out, because Director Jeff Tremaine was hired to helm The Dirtfive years ago, and although he’s periodically issued assuring updates and has promised fans “a great movie,” there’s been no real indication that the project was a major priority for Focus Features, where it landed in 2015.

Fortunately enough Tommy Lee himself comes to the rescue. shared his own behind-the-scenes tidbit with fans yesterday, surprising Twitter followers with the news that cameras were set to roll in a matter of weeks. “Hey kids! Good news,” wrote Lee. “The Mötley Crüe movie ‘The Dirt’ has begun pre production! Starts shooting in Feb! Here we go!!!”

We don’t know the rest of the cast, neither the release date. We firmly believe that it will be a truly rock’n’roll packed picture!