> > > Ex-Beatles Drummer will make his acting debut

Pete Best, drummer well known for being an original member of The Beatles (he was kicked out of the band before they got really big) will make his stage debut as an actor! He will portray… Himself. It will all happen in a new stage play “Lennon’s Banjo” wich will have it’s premiere in the spring of 2018. Pete will take part in three of fifteen run.

lennon's banjo stage play

Lennon’s Banjo blends fact and fiction in telling the comedic tale for the search to find the long-lost first instrument John Lennon learned to play as a child: a banjo that belonged to his mother, Julia. The play was written by Rob Fennah, and was based on a 2012 novel called Julia’s Banjo, co-written by Fennah and Helen A. Jones.

Best says in a press statement that he became interested in the project after reading Julia’s Banjo.

“It made me smile; a really enjoyable read,” he notes. “So, when speaking to Rob Fennah about the book becoming a stage play, I said in passing, ‘I should play me!’ And low and behold, here I am doing a few of the performances.”

Pete will be featured in the two performances scheduled for April 25, as well as in the final show of the run, on the evening of May 5.


Epstein Theatre