> > > Emmanuelle Caplette Interview, Pt. 2

Most BeatIt viewers and drum maniacs in Poland probably remember that on Sept 17, 2016, the Warsaw-based Pasja Music Store organized a drum clinic conducted by the outstanding Canadian female drummer and educator Emmanuelle Caplette. Obviously, we just could not ignore that event and pass on an opportunity to talk this artist, who certainly is one of the most interesting drummer figures of the Internet era.


In the second part of our conversation, our guest reminisces about her first band and the first gig with them, as well as the first Sonor kit she ever owned. We also talk about the gear she currently uses (drums, cymbals, heads, sticks etc.) and find out why she made the decision to stay a freelance drummer and never become a permanent member of any band.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Emmanuelle Caplette in the second part of an exclusive interview for BeatIt!