> > > Elise Trouw Joined Paiste Family

Elise Trouw is a very young and gifted artist from the USA. Although she can play drums very well, she is also a singer, guitarist and bassist!  Music media and critics has appreciated her work and she in 2016 she was named one of the best young artists from San Diego.

elise trouw paiste

She has released her debut album called “Unraveling“. She played all the instruments on this one. She has also sang all of the vocal parts. Today she has informed her fans that she has officially joined Paiste Cymbals family! You can read the statement below.

Her weapons of choice are: Paiste 2002 Big Beat 22″ Ride, Paiste Dark Energy 16″ and 18″ crash and 14″ Dark Energy hi-hat. Please follow Elise’s work and show her some support! We congratulate her sincerely and wish her long years of cooperation with Paiste!