> > > DW Drums presents the Lowpro Travel Kit

We saw an incredible amounts of the new drum gear at this year’s NAMM Show. We were also visiting many booths of famous drummakers. One of them was of course Drum Workshop. We had a really nice tour of their night club themed room. It was beyond awesome! John Good as always did an excellent job and has created some brand new exotic drum kits to confirm his skills in woodhunting. But there was one kit that interested us in many ways. It was small and shallow and. It’s called DW Lowpro Travel Kit.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of DW’s line of ultra-shallow, single-headed Design Series™ Pancake Gong and Pancake Bass drums, the innovative minds at DW have developed a complete set of lightweight, durable and completely portable drums designed for use in small spaces, and performers on the go. Available in a 3-piece and 4-piece configurations of USA-made, DW Performance Series™ build-quality shells available in durable White Marine and Black Diamond FinishPly™ options, this versatile new drumset design concept includes DW hardware and packs up into a deluxe, rolling travel case which is sold separately.

The DW Performance Series® LowPro™ Travel kit 3-piece configuration includes  a 10” & 13” toms and  20” bass drum and weighs just over 22 pounds. The 4-piece configuration includes 10” & 13” toms, 12” Snom™ and 20” bass drum and weighs less than 29 pounds. The ultra-shallow LowPro™ drum shells are DW Performance Series build-quality, 9-ply, all-maple, VLT construction created in DW’s Custom Shop located in Oxnard, California.

We were really impressed by this little kit. Keep up the great job DW!