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Change the sound of your kit with these little helpful tools!

Every drummer knows the struggle with tuning and muting the kit. Even the best sounding ones sometimes need a little bit of muffling. People are very creative and they use everything they have to do that: gel pads (professional or “mall-originated”), old drumheads, newspapers, t-shirts, duct tape, wallets etc. Today we want present to you a cool way to control your drum kit and cymbal sound- Drumtacs pads, something that you can find in Big Bang Distribution store!

Drumtacs pads

Drumtacs are reusable, super tacky sound control pads for drums and cymbals, that remove high frequency overtones and create a deeper focused sound with improved response and increased attack. If you want your snare drum sound without the overtones, you just put the pad near the hoop. If you need more focused attack- place the pad near the middle of the skin. Drumtacs will allow you to practice with decreased exposure to dangerous high frequencies and without expensive ugly cymbal covers that ruin the cymbal’s balance and feel of strike. Take a look this cool video which shows how the Drumtacs pads work:

Did you like it, or would you ever use these sound control pads? We surely would if we had the chance!

Price: 15.99$

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