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Get the recording tips from the best people in the business!

There is a lot of websites, which are offering their viewers a real good help with recording instruments in studio, or at home, or any way that is possible. They are doing great job, so  don’t hesitate and just use their knowledge and experience! It can give you a lot of new skills, and who knows, maybe one day you will become an audio engineer? Today we wanted to show you a cool on-line drum recording course powered by Focusrite Academy. It’s being held by three gentlemen, who are really good in what they are doing. Two of them are session drummers- Craig Blundell and  Alessandro Lombardo. Third one is an audio and video engineer and producer- Tim Harbour. Just watch the awesome promo clip:

It’s great, isn’t it? Join this magnificent activity, and you’ll learn how to set microphones up around the kit in various configurations, apply compression, phase correction and effects, edit the timing and groove of a recorded drum track in your DAW, and more. Having worked through Focusrite Academy – Drum Recording, you’ll have all the insider knowledge you need to be able to engineer and produce incredible-sounding drum tracks. Check out their website!