> > > Drum Orb: Art of Drumming Taken To Next Level

People are usually interested in drum kits, percussion and other type of musical things that you can hit to generate the sound. Sound coming from these instrument is unique, but the first thing people do is look at these objects. That’s why We, people who call themselves the ethusiasts, can’t resist looking at beautiful made kits with cool finishes and have a long discussions about how beautiful they truly are. There are some people who want to take some things to another level. One of these people is California-based artist and inventor, William Close. He has created an unique piece of drum called the Drum Orb. But what is it anyway?

Modern Drummer magazine describes this piece of art:

The Drum Orb spins freely when suspended, and bungee cords hold multiple Remo frame drums within the sphere. When a drum is played, sympathetic vibrations create tones from the adjacent drumheads that haven’t been hit. The instrument can be played simultaneously by multiple performers and, according to Close, creates full, thundering sounds. Live, Close enhances the theatrical dynamics by incorporating suspended aerial drummers who play the set.

The Drum Orb has been adapted for rock, jazz, classical, and electronic settings. The setup breaks down to fit into three suitcases and can be checked for airplane travel. Close has performed internationally with the setup in Ibiza, Spain; Shanghai, China; and throughout the United States”

If you are interested in William Close’s art please visit http://www.earthharpsymphony.com/