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Get rid of problems with damaged drum bass hoops!

We can’t tell how many times drummers had problems with protecting their bass drum hoops. Felt protectors are getting used pretty fast, DIY protectors are sometimes causing more damage than the average ones. We are left with the necessity of buying stuff from drum shops. And let’s keep it this way. Today we want to show you very cool product which can save the life of your hoop forever! We proudly present Drum N Base bass drum hoop protector! In order to make it right, you have to stick it not only to the upper side of the hoop, it must be glued to the surface in 180° dimension.

Drum N Base hoop protection

It prevents your bass drum pedal from damaging the lacquer and/or wood of your hoops, as well as prevents your pedal from moving around. There is no chance, that your pedal will suddenly slip off during the important performance. It’s compatible with every kind of bass drum pedal, so no worries here! If you are curious of how does it look like in the real life- take at the video below:

If you need any further information on this product or how to buy it, please give Big Bang Distribution a shout. Link to their website is placed below. If you had any experience with this protector please leave a comment! We are pretty curious about it.

Price: 6,99$