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Let your drum sound like it should!

Thanks to the brand new isolation mounts by TNR ProductsBooty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers you will be able to find the true tone of your floot tom, snare drum or tom tom mounted on the snare stand. These guys will isolate your drum from the ground, and minimize the unwanted vibrations. Check it out!


Booty Shakers consist of three individual layers: the top layer is made from our patented “slotted receptacle,” which allows Booty Shakers to universally fit on all brands of drums including vintage drums. The second layer is a high density disc that distributes the load of the floor tom leg and prevents the foot of the floor tom from deforming or creating a divot in the base. The third layer of Booty Shakers eliminates the transfer of vibrations from your drum to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound)and absorbs shock for better stick rebound and overall drum sound.

Little Booty Shakers mounted on the snare stand

Would you use this cool gadget? Will it really improve the sustain and overall sound of your drum?

Source of information: https://tnrproducts.com/