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Perefect app for drummers who like to keep it nice and tidy!

Every drummer, who play gigs with many different bands know, that it’s very important to have his or her charts and sheets in order. People who aren’t professional musicians, but like to learn and discover new music and musical sytles by writing them down on paper can also releate to the mess, that will occur sooner or later. Sheets can suddenly dissapear, and it can cause many uncomfortable situations and unnecessary problem right before the show or rehearsal. No need to worry- here come Drum Chart Builder app, which helps you keep your charts in order, where they should be! You can build your own chart lists, turn them into setlists, even for the upcoming shows. You can play a different setlist everyday, and the app will remember every gig that is ahead of you. You just have to open it, and feel safe about your performance. You can also create your own charts with specific signs and icons. Now you can have all of your charts right inside your tablet or smartphone, and it’s obvious, that it will help:

drumchartbuilder 1

You can fully customize your charts with symbols such as percussion, rests, notes or every other kind of individual notes, as can be seen below:


We think, that Drum Chart Builder  is really interestin and helpful tool. You should give it a try, but now watch the video demonstration below:

You can find every important information, and of course purchase the app by clicking on http://drumchartbuilder.com/