> > > Dave Mustaine: Drummers Don’t Get The Recognition They Deserve, And They Get Bitter

Dave Mustaine, leader and mastermind of the legendary thrash metal group Megadeth has recently spoken to Radio RQP 104,3 FM. During the interview he said some words about drummers in general, and about those skinsman who has worked with him in the past and more recently.

Dave Mustaine Megadeth

Read the part of the article below:

The drumming is the hardest part in the band, because you need to be really physically fit every night – every night, no matter what. You can’t be sick. And I think that drumming is a thankless position. A lot of times, the drummers go without being recognized for how hard their job is. Consequently, you get drummers that have bad attitudes after a while. It’s hard to be around them, because a lot of drummers don’t get the recognition they deserve, and they get bitter. For us, we’ve been really lucky with the last two drummers we had — with Chris [Adler] and with Dirk [Verbeuren]. And even the guy before Chris, Shawn [Drover], was an easy-going kind of guy.

But it’s not always like that. And Chris helped us find Dirk. Dirk is a lot like Gar Samuelson, which is really refreshing, because that’s how this whole thing started. I was playing jazz-metal-type riffs, because I didn’t wanna sound like my last band [Metallica]. I wrote that shit, I can write whatever I want, so I knew what not to do, so I did something different, and that’s how Megadeth was born. I wanted to do something a little bit different, and I needed a different kind of drummer to do that.

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