> > Dave Krusen speaks on Pearl Jam Hall of Fame Controversy

As we informed before the Christmas holiday break, former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese responded publically to having been excluded from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which is to take place in April 2017. In his opinion, “The qualifications required (for him) to have been inducted with my former bandmates certainly have been met”. “I challenge anyone to justify why I am not worthy of a place in the history of Pearl Jam” – he added.

Recently, another of the band’s former drummers has spoken publically on the matter. Dave Krusen is a member of Pearl Jam‘s original line-up responsible for the legendary and iconic debut album Ten, which includes such hits as Jeremy, Alive or Even Flow. The man, a recovering alcoholic who now records and tours with Candlebox (which is not without relevance in his statement concerning the controversy), has said the following in an interview with Rolling Stone:

Having been in that band, when you leave you are still representing them. That was a big part of how I got myself together. I felt like just because I’m not in that band, I’m still out there and people are like, ‘Oh, you played in that band?’ You’re like an ambassador and you better keep your shit together… The whole drummer controversy with the band, obviously Matt Cameron should be there. Beyond that, I guess I’ll just stay out of it.”

When mentioning being ambassadors for Pearl Jam, Krusen was probably referring to Abbruzzese’s drug-related charges and an arrest warrant for him issued in 2014.

Dave Abbruzzese is not going to be the only one of Pearl Jam‘s former drummers who has not ben invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It is also the case for Matt Chamberlain and Jacka Irons. The latter is in no way famous for conducting a healthy lifestyle…

Pearl Jam with Dave Krusen