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Musician was using some heavy words

Everybody knows, that the leader of Foo Fighters and Nirvana ex-drummer has got some attitude. Dave Grohl was playing with his band a surprise show in Frome, England. It was a celebration of the announcement, which stated, that Foo Fighters will be the headliner of this year Glastonbury festival. Just before the 2009 single “Wheels”, Grohl said to the audience: “This song we don’t do at home because if you haven’t noticed, pretty much half of America is a little fucked right now,” before pointing to his head. He also admitted, that everyone, who supported Trump on his way to the white house are “a little f*cked in the head”. It was a true demonstration of his veiws on the USA president and some of his nationals. This January Grohl and Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, were hosting a radio station jukebox. During their time “on air”, they decided to dedicate a song by Genesis, “Illegal Alien” to Trump. It’s connected with the deportation policy, wich was Trump’s idea.

grohl hawkins

Below you can see the Frome concert, during which Grohl stated his mind (the exact moment starts from 1:03:24). The show was great, so you can watch it all, and spend a nice saturday listening to some live music.

Besides being a Glastonbury Saturday evening headliner, Foo Fighters will play on some of the biggest summer festivals. One of them is going to be in Poland, and it’s at Opene’r Festival in Gdynia. Dave and his mates will perform on June 29, and we believe, that it’s going to be huge! What do you think about Grohl saying all these things? Feel free to comment!

Source of information: http://www.alternativenation.net/