> > > Dave Grohl: drummer or frontman?

In a recent interview for Ultimate Guitar, Dave Grohl talks about which role he likes best for himself: drummer or frontman.

Dude, yeah, I think of myself primarily as a drummer! Absolutely! I love playing guitar, guitar is my first instrument, but I started playing drums by default. I was in a band where the drummer was just fucking lame. And I knew that I could do it. I basically said, ‘I’ve got an idea, why don’t you play bass, and I’ll play drums…’ And totally re-arranged the whole thing.”

Foo Fighters frontman fells he is primarily a drummer

Dave Grohl live

Actually when the band [Foo Fighters] started I was really freaked out about being the guitar player and the singer, because I’m a drummer. You have a drum set to hide behind. I was always really nervous, and uncomfortable up front. And then we did the show with Bowie in Switzerland, or something like that. We were opening for him, and I saw him backstage gracefully walking around, smiling, and being so incredibly amazing. And then he gets up on the stage and he’s walking just as he did when he was backstage, and having a cigarette… And I realized, ‘Oh, he’s being himself. Wow! Maybe that’s how you have to do.”

“As long as you can make that connection with the audience and just be yourself, then it’s easy.”

We cannot really decide which role we prefer Dave in. As drummers, we really admire his drumming, but we love to listen to Foo Fighters as well and there would be no Foo without him up front. Tough choice, that…